Mini Express Haul and POTD

Wow, I been hella lazy to blog. Well over the weekend went to Express to check some stuff out. Got me two things, a denim jumpsuit I been eyeing for quite some time now and a ruffled long tank in a color called Bali, which is just a teal type color. Back to the denim jumpsuit, saw it online, then seeing it in person, made me want it more. Online the girl was sporting a white belt with it so when I got it, it of course had it with the matching belt. At first, I didn't care for it. I just didn't like it on. Now that I stare at it more and more, the more I thought it was cute. So, I'm not returning it. I am returning the ruffle long tank. It was in XXS and it's still hella loose. Maybe I need to wash it....nah forget it. I'll return it and get something better, something I know I'll wear more than one time. Hehe.

I didn't take a picture of the ruffled long tank, just go on the Express website in Dresses&Jumpsuits and find Dreamweight Ruffled Long Tank to see what I'm talking about. It's see through. Didn't notice it til hubby says he sees writing on the back on my undies lol.

Anyways, here I decided to do a look for summer. A baby blue with gold and a glowy bronze on the cheeks. I think it compliments very well on my pale skin.


May 5th 2009! My youngest is finally 1. Oh, how time flies by so fast :\


LS said...

cute jumper!!! I love that lip color youre wearing

Im a follower of yours and new to makeup blogging and would love if you could check my blog out as well if you like :)

LCzinha said...

I am loving the romper! so cute!

And Happy Birthday to your little one! So adorable!

Anonymous said...

wow, your denim jumper looks awesome on you!! :)

Anonymous said...

love the romper (; looks great on u! and ur super gorgeous!

Ritalime said...

That romper is super cute, and happy mothers day!!!

Followed you, btw.

Kasia_B said...

What a lovely look!!! Girl, you are gorgeous!!!


naturalnchicmakeup said...

Super cute romper!

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