Hawaiian Tropic

I just have to say I am in love with this product and the smell. After being on the Hawaiian Tropic site and looking at this product, it so made me want to get it and I did. Love it!! Great for the summer. Did I tell you how much I love the smell?! I love it, lol. At first all I could smell was like a coconut-ly smell. After using it more and more, I could now smell the yumminess of lime, lol. The two together is awesome. Lime and Coconut.

I use it on a daily base. This is definitely going into my beach bag when my beach trip in 2 weeks! *excited*

I also purchase their Sunscreen Sheer Touch SPF 30. Looking for some sunscreen, I thought I give this a try. I love the smell once again. Coconut-ly and not that smell of suncreen, if you know what I'm talking about.


Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far and Happy Father's day to all!

Unprepared House Party.

I been sick! Grrr. I'm a bit better today though. In bed all day Saturday. I haven't been sick like this in awhile and on top of that my baby boys were sick too.

Went to my uncle's "so called" house party. After headed to a bar called Jakes and chatted with my Aunt sara and friend Anita. Watch the guys play pool. While eating some bomb ass chicken wings, my nose felt funny. First I thought it was just a bit spicy but nooo it was the beginning of me feeling SICK. OMG! I ate and ate, sip on Hubs beer. Came home late around 2ish. Woke up Saturday morning feeling like shit! I was in bed all day. Stayed up for a bit and went back to sleep. My babies were sick too :\

THIS WAS FROM PAST MONDAY. Bestie came over with her son Touren.

My Honey is finally getting out of the military Wednesday!!!♥

Summer work outs, quick rambling & Giveaway

Ok, so I been just been extremely lazy and I guess somewhat busy. After looking through the Victoria Secret site online, I am extremely motivated to get back in shape, well not like I was in shape before I had my two boys. I do miss the way my body was before kids. I hear people saying "Work out what? Your already skinny?" Please don't give me bullshit about working out. Can a skinny girl get in shape? Geez. But anyways, so I am motivated to work out and get in shape, especially after hubs ordered me two bikinis from their site. And hope that I keep this going even after summer has ended.

Since I am a stay home mom and I don't have time to go to the gym. I been working out at home. I been only working out for 4 days, 2 times a day. I know, not much, but it's a start. I been google-ing lol workout routines and found a great site. So for all you moms out there who doesn't have time to hit up the gym or even have a baby sitter to go to the gym, visit this site.


and click workouts. Take an hour out of your time. I'm sure it will pay off!

So last weekend I was at Wal Mart with hubs, running some errands and he came across some clothes that was having a sale. So looking through the rack I came across some Miley Cyrus & Max Azria. I pick out two tops. And both were on sale for $2.50. Originally $10. Can't beat that. I will post pictures of it in the next blog.

What else?! Oh yeah, so if you guys don't know yet, I am a mark rep. If you don't know what Mark is, please check out www.meetmark.com or cphouthavong.mymarkstore.com : )

My mother just ordered 2 facial wash and moisturizers. One each for me because I am in love with there moisturizers. I ran out for months now and been using this random lotion I have in the bathroom. Since I get real oily in the summertime. This moisturizer works out great for me. I used it the first time and instantly fell in love with it and since then it hasn't disappoint me. It gives a nice glow and since I am oily only in the summertime, it balances and controls it very well. Also, I have discoloration, so it brightens up my face and minimum my discoloration.

for goodness face: antioxidant skin moisturizing lotion spf 30 in blueberries/dark chocolate

I am definitely brining this to a beach trip in July since it has spf. NOTE:look closley and on the picture it says fps, puahah. The smell is great. So don't the let the blueberry and dark chocolate get to you. Also, as I mention about the face wash my mother gotten me. I have not yet tried it out yet, so please look out for that review coming up. Called Calming Effect Gel.

is doing yet another generous giveaway. It is a petite-friendly strapless bra from TLBC. Ends June 13th. So check that out!


Alright ladies, have a great weekend. ♥