TGIF with the girls

It's been quite a long time since I been out with the girls. I been having such a rough week that I surely needed it. Even though it was only a few hours, it was nice. Can I say someone got shitfaced lol. Anyways, it was a good night overall. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

yummy peanut butter cheescake

my frozen strawberry margarita

Also, SammiesarusREX is hosting her 50+subscribers Giveaway! Wonderful blog. Go check her out.

Quick Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Concealer Review

To me, it took me a good while to achieve the way my skin is (Which i will be doing a skin care blog soon, so keep a look out for that) I don't have much breakouts, just occasionally or need much coverage. One thing I do hate, is redness all around my nose area, chin and on my cheeks. I haven't really explored with much concealers, but I've tried a few and haven't really found anything to amaze me. I like my face to have that full flawless dewy finish, so concealer for me sets up for the full coverage I'm looking for. So browsing on makeup gurus on youtube and their blogs, I came across one guru who was talking about the maybelline 24HR concealer. I've always had my eye on it but never seem to purchase it. I finally got my hands on it. It's in a lipgloss form and the application tip as well, which is pretty cool. I don't really like liquid base concealers but I believe Maybelline's 24HR has won my heart. Covers what I need. True to it's word as stating it's 24HR. Overall rating, 4.5/5 just because I don't like the packaging and how the application tip was design.

I am still looking for a cream base concealer. Any recommendations? What do you guys think about Coastal Scents concealer quad? and NYX Jar concealer?

Quick update

What's been going on? Well..nothing really. I just been extremely lazy to blog. This past week has been alright for me. Busy with kids and just being a mom. For all you moms out there, you know what I mean. Um, I just been thinking about this and that for my youngest son's first birthday. So I finally had quick talk with honey and I guess for now it's set to date on May 9th. I can't believe my baby is finally turning 1. Time flies super fast! It felt like it was just yesterday. I got bored yesterday, heres headshots of my baby boys.

My sons Damien and Kamden

What happen during the weekend?

Weekend was good. Anytime with honey is good! I miss him a lot. I hate getting use to him being with me and then having to leave every Sunday. 3 day weekend isn't enough. I can't wait til he's out and I get to have him every morning, day and night. =)

Ok so the past weekend consist of being out all day and enjoying the breezy weather. Yes, the sun was shining yet it was a bit chilly but overall .. nice weather. So if you guys know it was Khmer/Laos new years and my boys and I went to go to the temple. Nice seeing some faces. One of them is my homegirl and follower, Liz, follow her here. And some other faces.

Here are some pictures up from this weekend. Enjoy.

A night out to Greene Street with friends:

Currently Obsessing

Ok, so I will be blogging about stuff I am loving and wanting. First off, I just wanted to say, I am loving the Mocha Frap from Mickey D's. Fuck Starbucks and their stuck up ass price for some damn coffee. I mean really? Ok, back to what I was originally going to say. I been loving the gladiator sandals. I mean I got some pairs from 2 years ago, but it's been so popular and newer, and cuter ones been coming out. It's like how can I keep up? I actually own like 5 pairs. I have these cute like threaded up yarn type one which I CANNOT WEAR because on one side of the sandal strap is hella LOOSE and it pisses me off everytime I see it in my basket ( I put my sandals, boots etc. in a laundry basket whatever I can. I just like to throw my shit in their) and it flops off on the side making me look stupid when I walk. I should give them away.

I love the store express. I love the sophisticated look. I've always have. It's always been my sense of style. So browsing on their website earlier, and also seeing them at the store, I came across these:

in white

in brown

I been wanting the tie up ones. Mad cute!!

sandal booties my fav!!! in color natural and black.

Totally loving these!

Another website I came across is...well I'm always on this site. Forever looking for something. Is I been wanting peep toe boots for the longest.

Ok so this is not about shoes, but about boyfriend shorts. I have some on actually from pac sun. Their a pinstripe light blue and white in double 00. Before you go saying some shit like damn skinny ass, ummm they are actually the loosest shorts I own. Since I had two kids, I am not the same size, but I'm still petite and I can't fit double 00's like I use too. So I had gotten another different type of shorts and pick up the boyfriend shorts and did my comparison with honey, because the other shorts I grab wasn't the same size but it look like it so if you know me, I HATE HAVING TO TRY CLOTHES ON. I'm the kind of girl who likes what she sees, doesn't bother trying it on and buys it, and I'm always sastified. So I went to go try it out and they fit great!! I want more!! So cute, casual and simple!

Very comfy and I can breathe in them. Lol. In my sister's room btw.

Lastly, I can never find a cute suspender shorts. ME WANT!!!

Anyone know where I could find a pair?

"I love little monster"

My yummy Mocha Frap from Mickey D's As you can see, I killed that shittt. lols.

It's pretty late, but I just had some coffee and now I can't sleep. So I'm full of energy. LALALA. So one of my old old old bestie that I was friends with since middle school found me on Facebook *High fives FB* That bitch was my ride and die. I remember it like it was yesterday. My first time in middle school. BOYYY was I scared! So scared, I wanted to stay home, cover myself with my litte mermaid blankie and never come out. She was the first girl I met and we click instantly and became friends throughout high school. Now we're both grown, got kids and living our lives.

I think about my life, and how much everything has changed in the last few years. Married at 18, two kids by 21. It hits me sometimes that I have two kids. Damn, it hits me that I'm married. I'm glad how my life is and how it's turning out. I've experience so much at a young age. I grew up...let's say, a bit too fast. Before I met him, before the marriage, and before kids, I saw myself graduating, in college and working and doing me and not giving a damn. As you see, life took it into a whole different perspective and you know what? I'm glad at where I am today and who I have in my life, my husband and my two baby boys. They keep me going and enjoying every bit of my life. No matter how down I feel, I am the happiest I could ever be. enough ranting about my life. Lady Gaga and her bizarre ways has come again.

"Lady Gaga touched down in Japan on Tuesday toting a white Hermes Birkin bag (which typically cost from $5K and up) that carried a special message for her fans written in the Japanese alphabet of Katakana that said: "I love small monster, Tokyo love." Gaga, who sported a similar greeting on her arm -- "I love little monster" -- calls her followers little monsters."

I know he loves my hair black, well dark. I really want to dye my hair brown, maybe like a dark chestnut brown or a mocha brown, either way I want it some sort of soft yummy chocolate color. Something noticeable where you know I dyed it but yet not so dramatic where your like DAMNNNNNN you know?

this is a really pretty color.

makes me want to go short again, but hell, it took me my 2nd pregnancy to grow it out this long, but this is another color i also like.

cameron diaz is gorgeous in this picture. Something about a dark hair girl and blue eyes, lol. She definitely looks better in dark hair.

This is a bit lighter, but it's such a pretty color. Nothing too over the top.

Currently feeling.

Tropical Thunder

I decided to make love to my makeup today lol and came up with this look.

Using my beauty factory 120 palette, go check it out


Ok, overall weekend was good. House hunting went fine. Found one house that I love, well from the outside, location wise and the overall neighborhood. I would have to schedule an appointment to look inside, whenever that will be. After that went to the mall, I got my Victoria Secret coupon in the mail from signing up for PINK nation. 5 pairs of panties plus a free (my youngest just farted right after i type free) he made me lol'd! Ok, back to what I was saying, free lace pantie and $10 off a bra. Total = $46. These little cards been coming in every month so I hubby's been spoiling me =) Went to the park Saturday and Sunday with the kids. A weekend well spent.

I finally went to drop off my red dress to get fix. I hope it turns out good, but why do I keep searching for a dress when I already have one? My aunt showed me this dress from express that I adore.

Obsessed with express lol

So i'm currently obsessing with jumpsuits. Honey bought me a plain black one from of course express lol, Super cute and super comfortable.

hella cute right? lol

A few people been telling me I should do makeup tutorials. Yes, No?


Today is a beautiful day! Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Randomely blabbing nonsense

Today for me was every other day. Up early, no nap, if I get lucky, I get to sneak in an hour to 2 hours of napping with the boys, but today I got no kind of napping what so ever. Bright side hubby comes home tomorrow for another weekend. House hunting and whatever we plan to do this weekend. Sooooo anyways, I posted a blog about the Petite nail polish. Cheap ass nail polish with cheap ass results, what can you expect right? I polished my nails last night because my other one was chipping. Was searching in the other bathroom to find a nail filer and nail clippers, finally found them. Shape my nails into squares, because I do NOT like the oval shape. I believe I coated them shits like 5 times to get the color that looks like the bottle. Like I said cheap ass polish gives you cheap ass results. After coating it, I finally got the color I want. Btw I changed my blog layout. Wasn't feeling the other one. I'll just keep it simple til I feel like messing with codings and layouts..

NYX Round lipgloss in Pinky Natural. I hate the color. HATE IT! Everything else I love. The way it's on my lips. The shine. It's just the damn color. Too pink for me. The name Pinky Natural made it seem like it was a nude pink or something and the color didn't look so pink online. Whatever. Will not be getting that color anymore.

*baby blue*

What I used
Revlon Photoready in Shell
MSF in Natural
MARK Buff foundation that I use as a bronzer in Golden Skin
MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink as a highlighter above my cheeks
MAC Honey Light highlighter over the MSF highlighter
MAC Mineralized Blush in Gentle
Beauty Factory 120 palette
NYX jumbo pencil in milk
Wet n' Wild gel liner
MARK Pro glimmer powder in poof
NYX round lipstick in circe

I am a MARK REP : check it out
products i like and dislike

Glow Xpert Face shimmer: This has a pretty shimmer in it, not too much and not too little. I wouldn't really place this all over your face, but I would definitely use this as a highlighter or for the cheeks and lay over with blush,powder or what not. It does last long enough, not all day but long enough to be out and about for the day. Dislikes, well I don't really have negative things to say about it.

Get a Tint moisturizer foundation: It brightens up my face in the morning when I don't feel like putting on heavy foundation. I have a few flaws on my face so the coverage isn't all that great. But it's a great foundation that keeps my face moisturize all day long.

Good glowing mosaic blush in Hush baby: One of my all time favorite blush. The color combination is so pretty. The consistency is great! And pretty much lasts for hours. Gives me a good glow throughout the day.

Powder Buff natural skin foundation: I only used this because my mother had order it for her friend and it was the wrong color. The color is buff which means Golden skin which says it on the back of it. I'm pale but it's not too dark on me. I use this more as a contour or an all over bronze look to give my skin some color. I actually ended up liking it a lot. Lasts all day too!

Glow baby glow Lip gloss: I got this in secret and LOVE IT!!!! Such a great shine. Not sticky, lasts long as well! I usually lay this over my lipstick to give a great shine! Love it. My fav!!!

Pro Glimmer lip powder: At first I wasn't such a fan. But now I love it. As you can tell by the name, it's a lip powder. I use it in poof. It's a pretty sparkly baby pink glow to it. Great by it's self and keeps your lipgloss/lipstick staying in place all day long.

Pro Gloss lip plumping: Don't buy that shit, shit sucks. And it STANK!!! What a waste.

Juice Gem: Love it. I love the shine. It smells so good, makes me want to eat it. LOL

Dew drenched Moisturlicious: Love this lipstick. It's not sticky. Works like a chap stick.

Keep it longwear eyeliner and shadow: I got this in surreal which is a gold/brown and the other is a pretty blue. And in Iconic which is green and the other is gold. I used these as bases to make my eyeshadow more vibrant. Nothing to specular about it. On my blog post Blue&Gold, I used the surreal duos.

Scanda-lash Mascara: is one of my all time favorite. Great volumizing mascara if that's what your looking for.

On the edge liquid liner: It's ok. Very light even in the darkest shade. Kind of smudges sometimes.

Mini mark stick up for eyes: I just use these as bases, pretty much it. It works good.

Eyemarker color on line: Love this. No complaints.

I-MARK eyeshadows: Great colors, just not that pigmented. You just gotta work with it.

I'm not a fan of their brushes. I do love there powder brush. Very dense and packs on color good. Doesn't shed. Overall, I just don't bother using any of their other brushes.

...what a long blog Enjoy.

DSW shoes & Randomness

Sorry for the late blogging. It's been awhile it seems. As you all know it was Easter weekend. It was a good one. Kids played, easter egg hunting and a bbq that my kids, hubby and I went too. Very relaxing. It was mad hot though! Well besides all that, I got some cute clothes hubby got me. Since I needed a dress to wear to a family wedding, I finally found one. After browsing online for weeks and going to the mall and finding nothing. I finally found a simple red dress from Forever 21 for $28.

Promise it looks better in person. lol.

And found some cute Madden Girl heels that I pick up as well for $39. I'm a size 5 1/2. Sometimes a 6 tends to flop off, so I was happy I found these pairs my size.

I also pick up few more stuff yesterday. Aero was having $25 dollar shorts, and got them in Khaki. Pac sun also was having some deals for shorts. Buy one get one 50% off and tanks for $10 so i got 2 more shorts from there and 2 tanks. And of course got some clothes for the boys. Honey went crazy as well hehe.

Some Easter pictures

Updates later. Enjoy ♥