DSW shoes & Randomness

Sorry for the late blogging. It's been awhile it seems. As you all know it was Easter weekend. It was a good one. Kids played, easter egg hunting and a bbq that my kids, hubby and I went too. Very relaxing. It was mad hot though! Well besides all that, I got some cute clothes hubby got me. Since I needed a dress to wear to a family wedding, I finally found one. After browsing online for weeks and going to the mall and finding nothing. I finally found a simple red dress from Forever 21 for $28.

Promise it looks better in person. lol.

And found some cute Madden Girl heels that I pick up as well for $39. I'm a size 5 1/2. Sometimes a 6 tends to flop off, so I was happy I found these pairs my size.

I also pick up few more stuff yesterday. Aero was having $25 dollar shorts, and got them in Khaki. Pac sun also was having some deals for shorts. Buy one get one 50% off and tanks for $10 so i got 2 more shorts from there and 2 tanks. And of course got some clothes for the boys. Honey went crazy as well hehe.

Some Easter pictures

Updates later. Enjoy ♥


LCzinha said...

Cute shoes!

And cute easter pictures. They are so adorable with their easter eggs...

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