Blue & Gold.

I was so lazy to do anything yesterday. I just wanted to roll myself in a blanket, lay on the couch and watch some TV. Of course, it never happen. When having kids, it's a different story. It be nice to sleep til the next day. After this blog, I HAVE TO CLEAN. This apartment is calling for help. Anyways, I had some free time, took a shower, and played with my makeup. I've always used black liner, never any other color until today. I had some blue gel liner and thought I mess with it... and I came up with this! So enjoy!

BTW What a pretty day it is. Going to take the kids out after cleaning.


Rena said...

You look waaay better than me! 8)

<33 Rena

LCzinha said...


Jo' said...

pretty :)

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