Messy buns & Forever21

Weekend was good. Honey bunch came home from base. Went house hunting. Hopefully we'll find something. Weather was sunny and cool. Today is another gloomy rainy day. Overall, another good weekend well spent with my 3 favorite boys. Anyways, while honey was taking his nap Saturday, I thought I play with my hair and I came up with this look, a messy bun. Went out to dinner that night with this look. Simple, and cute. Something different i'll do once in awhile since I tend to leave my hair down and straight.

So I got these cute booties (as honey calls it, peter pan shoes) in a brown faux leather style and had to get them. I was always looking for something affordable yet cute and comfy and I found it in one of my favorite stores, Forever 21 for only $24. I paired these with some nice wash out jeans, an olive top from express with some accessories. It was a great dinner outfit with honey =)

on our way to Asahi's for dinner ♥


Really Petite said...

Love the messy bun look :)

priincess said...

wow those boots are sooooo niice! and i can't believe that you got them for such a GREAT price~ what a deal!

Susie said...

I love your hair =) & cute boots!

Jo' said...

omg I have those boots too.

:) Great minds think alike!

*Anita* said...

love the messy bun on you :) those boots were a great buy! nice find! xx

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