Blue & Gold.

I was so lazy to do anything yesterday. I just wanted to roll myself in a blanket, lay on the couch and watch some TV. Of course, it never happen. When having kids, it's a different story. It be nice to sleep til the next day. After this blog, I HAVE TO CLEAN. This apartment is calling for help. Anyways, I had some free time, took a shower, and played with my makeup. I've always used black liner, never any other color until today. I had some blue gel liner and thought I mess with it... and I came up with this! So enjoy!

BTW What a pretty day it is. Going to take the kids out after cleaning.

Just got Bang! + EOTD

Went out today with my grandma and my two boys to get their haircuts and I decided to get my straight across bangs back since my hair is much longer, I thought it would look cute. Outcome, it was ok. I had to style it myself when I got home. I was scared to get it cut at Great clips because they mess up my hair before, but we only went for my kids and I ended up getting a haircut anyway.


Messy buns & Forever21

Weekend was good. Honey bunch came home from base. Went house hunting. Hopefully we'll find something. Weather was sunny and cool. Today is another gloomy rainy day. Overall, another good weekend well spent with my 3 favorite boys. Anyways, while honey was taking his nap Saturday, I thought I play with my hair and I came up with this look, a messy bun. Went out to dinner that night with this look. Simple, and cute. Something different i'll do once in awhile since I tend to leave my hair down and straight.

So I got these cute booties (as honey calls it, peter pan shoes) in a brown faux leather style and had to get them. I was always looking for something affordable yet cute and comfy and I found it in one of my favorite stores, Forever 21 for only $24. I paired these with some nice wash out jeans, an olive top from express with some accessories. It was a great dinner outfit with honey =)

on our way to Asahi's for dinner ♥

Gloomy Friday

TGIF!! What a gloomy day. Makes me tired than usual. Anyways, I just wanted to show you my 3 favorite nude shades. I love nude lipstick/lipgloss. I was always so skeptical about wearing nude shades on my lips because of how pale I am. The first one I purchase was the Revlon Colorblast in Soft Nude. Second one was the Revlon Matte lipstick in Nude Attitude and last NYX Round lipstick in Circe. By far my 3 favorites. I apply it with my bordeaux baby kisses chapstick for a more sheen look. They are definitely my everyday go too throw it in the bag lipsticks. Here are pictures and swatches.

Ok quick review on bordeaux baby kisses chapstick. I originally bought this for my kids because they have chap lips. I got two and decided to use one for myself since I couldn't find my carmex and didn't feel like buying another. By far, this is the best chapstick everrrr! I love it, love it, love it! Keeps my lips moisturize all day. I hate having to reapply my chapsticks over and over. Annoying. Got it from target for $3.48. It has a lot in the tube and lasts a long time! You can find it in the baby section. Anyways, here are a few pictures. Enjoy ♥

revlon's colorblast in soft nude

revlon's matte lipstick in nude attitude

nyx round lipstick in circe

Swatches from left to right: soft nude, nude attitude, and circe.

POTD.* Brushing his teeth. So cute. My baby =)

Comfy shirt hubby got me.

and proud... can't wait til he gets out!!!

Foundation / Inspired look

I didn't start wearing makeup til like near the end of 8th grade beginning of my freshman year. Horrible. Didnt know how I did that or worn the clothes that I did back then, different story. Anyways, foundation, foundation, foundation is a total must for me. I remember my first one that I ever used. It was Dream Matte Mousse. It was the ish back then lol! I used that up til my senior year. After that I discover the wonders of MAC and been using there products since. But lately, I been watching/reading reviews on Revlon's Photoready Foundation, which is now my all time favorite. Not sure what people were rambling about it leaving a white cast when taking pictures. I like the way it looks in pictures. Great buildable coverage. Covers better than my MAC Studio Fix Fluid...sadly.

My first one. Eek.

These are the only foundations that I have used.

Left to right : MAC mineralize, MAC Face and Body foundation, Revlon's Photoready(currently using), MAC Studio fix flud, and MARK's shimmer foundation.

must have a setting powder to set your foundation, you just gotta =)

MSF in Natural.

While my kids were taking there naps, I decided to do an inspired look of one of my tops that I gotten awhile ago from Body Central. So enjoy! ♥


Petites $1.50 Haul

So I don't own any type of nail polish whatsoever. Yeah I'm a girl who doesn't have ANY?! Wtf right? Well, I finally got a set of 6 for $1.50 each. For it being so cheap thought it would suck, but the consistency is great. Two coats gives you a nice color. I only did swatches on one color that I decided to wear til it chip off lol.

Here are the rest of the colors. It screams out spring =)

Left to right: Solar Yellow, Blue Frost, Tahitian Green, Twlight, Pink Suede, and Pink Coral


My first blog, so bare with me.
POTD.* My Oldest Damien.