Foundation / Inspired look

I didn't start wearing makeup til like near the end of 8th grade beginning of my freshman year. Horrible. Didnt know how I did that or worn the clothes that I did back then, different story. Anyways, foundation, foundation, foundation is a total must for me. I remember my first one that I ever used. It was Dream Matte Mousse. It was the ish back then lol! I used that up til my senior year. After that I discover the wonders of MAC and been using there products since. But lately, I been watching/reading reviews on Revlon's Photoready Foundation, which is now my all time favorite. Not sure what people were rambling about it leaving a white cast when taking pictures. I like the way it looks in pictures. Great buildable coverage. Covers better than my MAC Studio Fix Fluid...sadly.

My first one. Eek.

These are the only foundations that I have used.

Left to right : MAC mineralize, MAC Face and Body foundation, Revlon's Photoready(currently using), MAC Studio fix flud, and MARK's shimmer foundation.

must have a setting powder to set your foundation, you just gotta =)

MSF in Natural.

While my kids were taking there naps, I decided to do an inspired look of one of my tops that I gotten awhile ago from Body Central. So enjoy! ♥



MisSL33zZy said...

aww you so pretty!!! love this look!

Anonymous said...

Were complaints on foundation being non-photogenic made by professional photographers? I haven't had experience with any make-up photographing bad if it's done right.

Jo' said...

Glad I found your blog doll. Already a favorite!

I want to try revlon's photo ready foundation now. It looks great on your skin.

What's your mac shade hunn?

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