Quick update

What's been going on? Well..nothing really. I just been extremely lazy to blog. This past week has been alright for me. Busy with kids and just being a mom. For all you moms out there, you know what I mean. Um, I just been thinking about this and that for my youngest son's first birthday. So I finally had quick talk with honey and I guess for now it's set to date on May 9th. I can't believe my baby is finally turning 1. Time flies super fast! It felt like it was just yesterday. I got bored yesterday, heres headshots of my baby boys.

My sons Damien and Kamden


Susie said...

So adorable :)

MisSL33zZy said...

girl my birthday is may 8th !!!!!! hahaha awww the 1!! i cant wait till ayven turns 1

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