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Ok, so I will be blogging about stuff I am loving and wanting. First off, I just wanted to say, I am loving the Mocha Frap from Mickey D's. Fuck Starbucks and their stuck up ass price for some damn coffee. I mean really? Ok, back to what I was originally going to say. I been loving the gladiator sandals. I mean I got some pairs from 2 years ago, but it's been so popular and newer, and cuter ones been coming out. It's like how can I keep up? I actually own like 5 pairs. I have these cute like threaded up yarn type one which I CANNOT WEAR because on one side of the sandal strap is hella LOOSE and it pisses me off everytime I see it in my basket ( I put my sandals, boots etc. in a laundry basket whatever I can. I just like to throw my shit in their) and it flops off on the side making me look stupid when I walk. I should give them away.

I love the store express. I love the sophisticated look. I've always have. It's always been my sense of style. So browsing on their website earlier, and also seeing them at the store, I came across these:

in white

in brown

I been wanting the tie up ones. Mad cute!!

sandal booties my fav!!! in color natural and black.

Totally loving these!

Another website I came across is...well I'm always on this site. Forever looking for something. Is I been wanting peep toe boots for the longest.

Ok so this is not about shoes, but about boyfriend shorts. I have some on actually from pac sun. Their a pinstripe light blue and white in double 00. Before you go saying some shit like damn skinny ass, ummm they are actually the loosest shorts I own. Since I had two kids, I am not the same size, but I'm still petite and I can't fit double 00's like I use too. So I had gotten another different type of shorts and pick up the boyfriend shorts and did my comparison with honey, because the other shorts I grab wasn't the same size but it look like it so if you know me, I HATE HAVING TO TRY CLOTHES ON. I'm the kind of girl who likes what she sees, doesn't bother trying it on and buys it, and I'm always sastified. So I went to go try it out and they fit great!! I want more!! So cute, casual and simple!

Very comfy and I can breathe in them. Lol. In my sister's room btw.

Lastly, I can never find a cute suspender shorts. ME WANT!!!

Anyone know where I could find a pair?


Rena said...

Ooooh! I'm not sure if you're into preowned things but inked is selling her stuff and I find that these lacy suspenders are cuuuute...but most likely I won't be getting check them out! Plus, they're only $12!

<33 Rena

Rena said...

And GOSHERS! You must be skinny...especially after two boys! Man I'm back to my same size prepregnancy, but I'm a size 5! And you're a 00! LOL Well, keep looking great girl!

<33 Rena

DiWiMakeup said...

Loving the white and gold pairs! I've been really into silver, gold, and pewter colored shoes!

xo, Diana

MisSL33zZy said...

awww ur hair is getting so long!!! but i love the tie up gold sandals!!! so cute!!

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