What happen during the weekend?

Weekend was good. Anytime with honey is good! I miss him a lot. I hate getting use to him being with me and then having to leave every Sunday. 3 day weekend isn't enough. I can't wait til he's out and I get to have him every morning, day and night. =)

Ok so the past weekend consist of being out all day and enjoying the breezy weather. Yes, the sun was shining yet it was a bit chilly but overall .. nice weather. So if you guys know it was Khmer/Laos new years and my boys and I went to go to the temple. Nice seeing some faces. One of them is my homegirl and follower, Liz, follow her here. And some other faces.

Here are some pictures up from this weekend. Enjoy.

A night out to Greene Street with friends:


glitteryeyesxx said...

You look so pretty! Is that your son? He looks absolutely precious! :)

PetiteAsianGirl said...

You have an amazing figure...can't believe you're a mommy of two! The babies are adorable.

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