Ok, overall weekend was good. House hunting went fine. Found one house that I love, well from the outside, location wise and the overall neighborhood. I would have to schedule an appointment to look inside, whenever that will be. After that went to the mall, I got my Victoria Secret coupon in the mail from signing up for PINK nation. 5 pairs of panties plus a free (my youngest just farted right after i type free) he made me lol'd! Ok, back to what I was saying, free lace pantie and $10 off a bra. Total = $46. These little cards been coming in every month so I hubby's been spoiling me =) Went to the park Saturday and Sunday with the kids. A weekend well spent.

I finally went to drop off my red dress to get fix. I hope it turns out good, but why do I keep searching for a dress when I already have one? My aunt showed me this dress from express that I adore.

Obsessed with express lol

So i'm currently obsessing with jumpsuits. Honey bought me a plain black one from of course express lol, Super cute and super comfortable.

hella cute right? lol

A few people been telling me I should do makeup tutorials. Yes, No?


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