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Today for me was every other day. Up early, no nap, if I get lucky, I get to sneak in an hour to 2 hours of napping with the boys, but today I got no kind of napping what so ever. Bright side hubby comes home tomorrow for another weekend. House hunting and whatever we plan to do this weekend. Sooooo anyways, I posted a blog about the Petite nail polish. Cheap ass nail polish with cheap ass results, what can you expect right? I polished my nails last night because my other one was chipping. Was searching in the other bathroom to find a nail filer and nail clippers, finally found them. Shape my nails into squares, because I do NOT like the oval shape. I believe I coated them shits like 5 times to get the color that looks like the bottle. Like I said cheap ass polish gives you cheap ass results. After coating it, I finally got the color I want. Btw I changed my blog layout. Wasn't feeling the other one. I'll just keep it simple til I feel like messing with codings and layouts..

NYX Round lipgloss in Pinky Natural. I hate the color. HATE IT! Everything else I love. The way it's on my lips. The shine. It's just the damn color. Too pink for me. The name Pinky Natural made it seem like it was a nude pink or something and the color didn't look so pink online. Whatever. Will not be getting that color anymore.

*baby blue*

What I used
Revlon Photoready in Shell
MSF in Natural
MARK Buff foundation that I use as a bronzer in Golden Skin
MAC MSF in Porcelain Pink as a highlighter above my cheeks
MAC Honey Light highlighter over the MSF highlighter
MAC Mineralized Blush in Gentle
Beauty Factory 120 palette
NYX jumbo pencil in milk
Wet n' Wild gel liner
MARK Pro glimmer powder in poof
NYX round lipstick in circe

I am a MARK REP : cphouthavong.mymarkstore.com check it out
products i like and dislike

Glow Xpert Face shimmer: This has a pretty shimmer in it, not too much and not too little. I wouldn't really place this all over your face, but I would definitely use this as a highlighter or for the cheeks and lay over with blush,powder or what not. It does last long enough, not all day but long enough to be out and about for the day. Dislikes, well I don't really have negative things to say about it.

Get a Tint moisturizer foundation: It brightens up my face in the morning when I don't feel like putting on heavy foundation. I have a few flaws on my face so the coverage isn't all that great. But it's a great foundation that keeps my face moisturize all day long.

Good glowing mosaic blush in Hush baby: One of my all time favorite blush. The color combination is so pretty. The consistency is great! And pretty much lasts for hours. Gives me a good glow throughout the day.

Powder Buff natural skin foundation: I only used this because my mother had order it for her friend and it was the wrong color. The color is buff which means Golden skin which says it on the back of it. I'm pale but it's not too dark on me. I use this more as a contour or an all over bronze look to give my skin some color. I actually ended up liking it a lot. Lasts all day too!

Glow baby glow Lip gloss: I got this in secret and LOVE IT!!!! Such a great shine. Not sticky, lasts long as well! I usually lay this over my lipstick to give a great shine! Love it. My fav!!!

Pro Glimmer lip powder: At first I wasn't such a fan. But now I love it. As you can tell by the name, it's a lip powder. I use it in poof. It's a pretty sparkly baby pink glow to it. Great by it's self and keeps your lipgloss/lipstick staying in place all day long.

Pro Gloss lip plumping: Don't buy that shit, shit sucks. And it STANK!!! What a waste.

Juice Gem: Love it. I love the shine. It smells so good, makes me want to eat it. LOL

Dew drenched Moisturlicious: Love this lipstick. It's not sticky. Works like a chap stick.

Keep it longwear eyeliner and shadow: I got this in surreal which is a gold/brown and the other is a pretty blue. And in Iconic which is green and the other is gold. I used these as bases to make my eyeshadow more vibrant. Nothing to specular about it. On my blog post Blue&Gold, I used the surreal duos.

Scanda-lash Mascara: is one of my all time favorite. Great volumizing mascara if that's what your looking for.

On the edge liquid liner: It's ok. Very light even in the darkest shade. Kind of smudges sometimes.

Mini mark stick up for eyes: I just use these as bases, pretty much it. It works good.

Eyemarker color on line: Love this. No complaints.

I-MARK eyeshadows: Great colors, just not that pigmented. You just gotta work with it.

I'm not a fan of their brushes. I do love there powder brush. Very dense and packs on color good. Doesn't shed. Overall, I just don't bother using any of their other brushes.

...what a long blog Enjoy.


LCzinha said...

You are gorgeous! Very pretty blue eye makeup. Love it.

liz said...

lmfao @ cheap ass polish, thats hilarious,
well at least it was cheap right?, lol

very pretty eye makeup, <3 it.

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Beautiful makeup look. Thanks for sharing.

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