Unprepared House Party.

I been sick! Grrr. I'm a bit better today though. In bed all day Saturday. I haven't been sick like this in awhile and on top of that my baby boys were sick too.

Went to my uncle's "so called" house party. After headed to a bar called Jakes and chatted with my Aunt sara and friend Anita. Watch the guys play pool. While eating some bomb ass chicken wings, my nose felt funny. First I thought it was just a bit spicy but nooo it was the beginning of me feeling SICK. OMG! I ate and ate, sip on Hubs beer. Came home late around 2ish. Woke up Saturday morning feeling like shit! I was in bed all day. Stayed up for a bit and went back to sleep. My babies were sick too :\

THIS WAS FROM PAST MONDAY. Bestie came over with her son Touren.

My Honey is finally getting out of the military Wednesday!!!♥


naturalnchicmakeup said...

aww hope you get better soon!

Candy said...

Thanks sweetie. I'm a lot better today though.

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augustalolita said...

great photos!! you ladies all look lovey and the two kiddies are so cute!! and the last photo of you and your hubby is so adorable!!

amanda said...


Fashionable Memories said...

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