Quick Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Concealer Review

To me, it took me a good while to achieve the way my skin is (Which i will be doing a skin care blog soon, so keep a look out for that) I don't have much breakouts, just occasionally or need much coverage. One thing I do hate, is redness all around my nose area, chin and on my cheeks. I haven't really explored with much concealers, but I've tried a few and haven't really found anything to amaze me. I like my face to have that full flawless dewy finish, so concealer for me sets up for the full coverage I'm looking for. So browsing on makeup gurus on youtube and their blogs, I came across one guru who was talking about the maybelline 24HR concealer. I've always had my eye on it but never seem to purchase it. I finally got my hands on it. It's in a lipgloss form and the application tip as well, which is pretty cool. I don't really like liquid base concealers but I believe Maybelline's 24HR has won my heart. Covers what I need. True to it's word as stating it's 24HR. Overall rating, 4.5/5 just because I don't like the packaging and how the application tip was design.

I am still looking for a cream base concealer. Any recommendations? What do you guys think about Coastal Scents concealer quad? and NYX Jar concealer?


Leah said...

Ive use the NYX jar concealer and I LOVE it! I have it in yellow, which is great for the under eye circles and I have the stick one in beige, I highly recommend :)

alexa p. said...

I'm currently using NYX As If It's Your Natural Skin concealer stick and I like it a lot, it blends in really well and the color matches me perfectly, which rarely happens.. hehe

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